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Via Don S. Raffi, 30

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The Old Sanctuary

The Old Sanctuary

The oldest part of the Seminary is the oratory, built in 1685 by Lieutenant Marco Lezoli in honour of St. Mark, his patron saint. Today, this part of the church is known as the Old Sanctuary. Originally there was a two-column arcade along three sides of the building. In 1720 the northern side was extended to become St. Joseph’s Chapel and the sacristy and the southern side was incorporated into the Seminary.
The interior, consisting of a single nave, was renovated at the beginning of the 19th century. The paintings in the nave and the frescoes of the circular vault are the work of the picture restorer and master forger Umberto Giunti (1886 – 1970). This work illustrates important figures, episodes, and religious symbols from the Virgin’s life and flank a large portrait of St Mark. On the walls of the Presbytery there are four, large, 17th century paintings portraying the Evangelists.

Times of Masses.

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In Winter: Holy Masses at 16.30