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Via Don S. Raffi, 30

43041 Bedonia PR

Casa Don Silvio Ferrari

Casa Don Silvio Ferrari

It was inaugurated on July 27th 2014 in the presence of the Bishop, Mons. Domenico Berni, the Rector, Don Renzo Corbelletta, the Regional Councilor, Gabriele Ferrari, the Mayor of Bedonia, Carlo Berni, and many other people, amongst which were those who had lived there as children and during the carefree years of their youth when all it took to be happy was a handful of pebbles or a bicycle with a punctured wheel.

It is a stone building that has 3 floors (plus cellars and attics) and an extension was added onto the west side of the building at the end of the 1950s, to allow for the building of kitchens and private toilets for the apartments. Each floor covers an area of more than 200 square metres therefore the total space available is 600 square metres. A large private garden, 2 terraces and a courtyard, that is also the driveway, means that even the smallest child can venture outside in complete safety.

There are 2 beautiful kitchens, 2 entrances (the main one facing out onto Via Don Stefano Raffi and the secondary one, which is at the back, can be reached by going up the stone staircase at the side of the building), 4 dining rooms, proper central heating, a mini-apartment with its own private bathroom and 9 bedrooms, 2 of which are large dormitories . Altogether 60 people can sleep in the Casa.

The building was once divided into 6 small apartments but its purpose nowadays is to accommodate groups of young people, families and pilgrims who wish to enjoy the peace and quiet of their stay in Bedonia in complete freedom.