Museum opening hours: Lun-Sab: 09 - 12.30 a.m. 15 – 19 p.m. Dom. 09 - 12.30 am

Via Don S. Raffi, 30

43041 Bedonia PR

Archaeological Museum

Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum is dedicated to how the Valleys of the Taro and the Ceno came to be populated in ancient times. As well as panels of information around the room, there are exhibits of interesting discoveries found in this area.
Three in particular are noteworthy: the Anthropomorphic Statuette, found in Prato, Bedonia, whose features are reminiscent of how Venus was portrayed in the Paleolithic period; an Etruscan Tombstone found on Mount Ribone (Albareto); a Stone Slab with a Greek Inscription from Gorreto, Tarsogno.

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